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Helen M. Stevens, S.W.A.

The True Embroideries Gallery



Welcome to "SEASONS IN THE SUN", Helen's first major exhibition for five years!  And first ever online ... Before entering the virtual Gallery, it is suggested that you click below left for a video welcome (via YouTube) and then read the notes below right to make your visit easier and more enjoyable.

Total purchases of £395 and above will be dispatched worldwide 


For information on how to buy, Terms and Conditions, etc., click HERE

Hello and welcome to this Exhibition!  Please take the time to watch this quick video, not just so that I may have the pleasure of welcoming you personally, but also to give me the chance of explaining a couple of important aspects of the exhibition, which you can also fine HERE.  Preparing this show for you has been a delight and a challenge: a delight in putting together a collection of recent and retrospective work (most of which is for sale) and a challenge in that I am not, by nature, of a highly technical bent!  Please excuse any errors and do not hesitate to get in touch, in any of the ways given, to check anything that is unclear.  Above all, enjoy the exhibition!

Much love to you all,

Helen x

To Enter Gallery click HERE

How to use the Gallery

If you are confidently au fait with virtual reality, just click and go for it! However, if, like me, it can be a bit of a mystery, this is what I have found to be the best way to navigate the virtual gallery at your own speed (you may want to leave this page open so you can refer back to it!):

 Enter the Gallery. You may have to wait a short while for the exhibition to load, but then you will get this screen:


When the central panel disappears, click on the menu, which will appear top right (make sure it is the menu icon WITHIN the Gallery, not in the bar above!) , and choose “List of Works” from the drop down window (as below). 

Click on the topmost image (as below), which will take you to the first picture on the wall.  Then just use the icons: "Next", "Previous",  "Information" (small "i" in circle), and if you wish to check availability or buy, click the final option which will take you through to the appropriate off site page.  Everything should open in new pages, leaving you able to return to the previous one without having to wait.

For information on how to buy, Terms and Conditions, etc., click