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Helen M. Stevens, S.W.A.

Embroidery Books

Over the years, Helen has written a total of twelve embroidery books, which have been published in a variety of editions and languages.  The first, The Embroiderers' Countryside, appeared in 1992 to be followed by another five titles in the "Inspirational" series and six in the "Masterclass" series.  Sadly, some titles are now out of print, but may often be found on Amazon and Ebay.  There follows a list of titles, together with a brief description of content.  Cover images may vary dependent upon edition.

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The Inspirational Series


  "THE EMBROIDERERS' COUNTRYSIDE" is shortly to be published again in a new edition of its Masterclass format!  Watch this space, and for ongoing information follow Helen's Facebook page: www.facebook/HelenMStevensEmbroideries

The Embroiderer's Countryside

Helen's first book introduces readers to her own unique concept of capturing the countryside in pure silk embroidery - in a way that reflects not only the beauty of the subject matter but also the medium of "True Embroidery". 

The Embroiderer's Country Album

Hot on the heels of The Embroiderer's Countryside, The Country Album invites readers to explore buildings and landscapes.  From country cottages to ancient ruins, textures, tones and new techniques are explained and demonstrated.

The Timeless Art of Embroidery

Timeless Art, Helen's third title, explores history both natural and man-made through the eye of the needle, each chapter looking at a different era's take on itself and how that perception was interpreted in embroidery - and how Helen reflects each in her own style.

The Myth and Magic of Embroidery

Helen always maintains that, as with children, an author should never have a "favourite" among their books - and yet she is hard put not to admit that this might be hers!  Bringing together folk tales, historic research and the importance of embroidery in religion - of many kinds - this book is a must for any embroiderer seeking something special by way of inspiration.

Helen M. Stevens' World of Embroidery

Helen's World of Embroidery is a magical place.  Traversing continents, the sights and history of nations and peoples, animals, birds and their habitats come to life through her unique insights and abilities.  As in all her books, practical details are to be found throughout, and in a specialized section at the back,  

Helen M. Stevens' Embroiderer's Year

With twelve chapters, each focusing on a different month, the seasons of a country year are brought to life.  From the magical twinkling frosts of winter to the shimmering heat of summer, each is explored in silks and other natural threads ... with the addition of special effects and materials.

T​he Masterclass Series

Whist each book in this hands-on series stands alone and concentrates upon the subject matter of the title, the series progresses, first to last, from the simplest, Flowers, to the most complex, Landscapes.  Each contains FIVE complete projects, including template, colour chart and detailed step-by-step working notes, but first, a Masterclass in The Countryside ...

​The Embroiderer's Countryside - Masterclass Edition

Five stunning seasonal designs included in a new edition of Helen's first, iconic title and shortly to be republished.

Embroidered Flowers

With Embroidered Flowers, Helen introduces the reader to the heart of her realistic interpretation of the countryside.  Beginning with simple, open faced flowers and progressing to more complex blooms, the basics of radial and directional "opus plumarium" (feather work) is demonstrated and explained.

Embroidered Butterflies

"Butterflies" begins where "Flowers" leaves off - and with the combination of the two subjects, a whole new dimension of design is available to the embroiderer.  Helen not only describes and demonstrates the techniques in detail, her​ knowledge and description of these beautiful creatures adds to the delight.

Embroidered Birds

​Embroidered Birds is the perfect subject to explore the use of "feather work", or more correctly, "opus plumarium" to its full potential.  From familiar garden species to the more exotic and highly colourful members of the family, the subject matter moves effortlessly from simple to more complex, each stage explored in detail.

Embroidered Animals

Embroidered Animals has always been one of the most popular of Helen's books, perhaps not surprisingly, as it introduces her delightful manner of imbuing such subjects with character and life in an entirely natural and spontaneous manner.  A quivering whisker in the finest silk or a bright white eye highlight is all it takes!

Embroidered Gardens

An "Embroiderer's Garden" is surely a great  location for all the subjects explored in this series so far!  Flowers, Butterflies, Birds and Animals all find a place in gardens that come alive with colour and texture.  As with all the Masterclass books, five complete projects are included.

Embroidered Landscapes

The final title in the series takes a worldwide perspective on landscapes, from the familiar to the historic and exotic.  Now, whatever your embroidered subject, you will be able confidently to create a setting which will enhance it.