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Helen M. Stevens, S.W.A.

Helen M. Stevens

Society of Women Artists

Creative Embroideress and Writer

Welcome to Helen's Website! 

Here you will find full information about Helen's work: her embroideries, her writing, downloadable designs and other activities.

From the Navigation bar above you can explore all aspects of Helen's studio, visit her online Exhibitions (if active) and follow links to buy, read, learn and take part.

Helen M. Stevens'

 Embroidery World

Helen's Facebook Page

 Helen's Facebook Page

Helen posts on her page most days, so there is practically always a new picture to enjoy and some fascinating natural history or folklore to accompany  it.  If you love Helen's work this is certainly the place to follow her activities and get early news of everything happening - often even before it hits this website!

... and why not join her 

"International Embroidery Family"?

and follow her on Instagram

Helen on Instagram

Don't be a stranger ...

Helen is passionate about sharing her love of embroidery, its history and how to be part of its ongoing place in society, whether as an enthusiastic amateur or professional.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch: